Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Orange Party Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Orange Party Nails

Step 3: Make sure your sculpting brush has been soaked in your acrylic liquid and remove any excess. You only need a very small amount of liquid to be held in your brush. Dip your brush into the white acrylic and create a small ball and then quickly dip it into the orange to pick up a chunk about 1/3 of the size of your white. Place your ball onto the Eiffel-colored nails and leave to settle for a few seconds. When placing your ball make sure the orange is placed where you imagine the petal to attach to the flower. This will be blended into the white and create a two tone petal.

Step 4: While the ball is settling remove any excess liquid from your brush and roll the tip into a sharp point. Place the point of your brush towards the center of where the flowers' center will be and press downwards into the petal and outwards.