Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Orange Party Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Orange Party Nails

Step 1: For the extensions I have use NSI Acrylic System in Radiant Pink. Paint the nails with 2-3 coats of China Glaze Orange Knockout. Leave an accent nail on each hand bare as these will be for your 3-D flowers. Paint your statement fingers in 2 coats of OPI Eiffel for this color. When all nails are dry, use OPI top coat only over nails painted with Eiffel. Do not top the China Glaze Orange Knockout as it has a lovely natural matte effect. We need to keep this to create a contrast between the 2 different polishes. Leave nails to fully dry before going on to the next step as the acrylic may smudge the polish.  

Step 2: To create the 3-D design you will need acrylic liquid, The Edge Ultra White Acrylic Powder, and NAIO Neon Acrylics Powder in OMG It's Orange and Lime Green. You will also need a deep green acrylic powder. Any brand should work fine for this design. First we will start with the flower and then move onto the leaf. To create the open flower design, we need to work from the larger, outwards petals, inwards to finally create the tiny petals in the heart.