Nail Art How To: Holiday Gold Foil Nails

Put down your pumpkin spice latte! The holiday season is fast approaching, which means glitter, gold, and sparkle is encouraged now more than ever. SO Gel Nails Educator Jayme Reber combined a rich, deep red organic gel with Gold Foil to make these nails look like they have been dusted with 24–karat snowflakes.

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Use a gel brush to apply a gel base color on the entire nail. We used SO Gel Nails Rich Rose Powdered Color Pigment and SO Gel Nails Base Gel. The Base Gel is a synthesized polycarbonate applied to the natural nail as the foundation for the nail color and builder finish. It is thin, yet it can be easily sculpted using a form. Cure the base color with a 6-watt ultra violet lamp for about 30 seconds.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of clear gel to the pallet. Using tweezers pick up some Gold Foil Flakes and arrange the flakes on the nail. Repeat the process until your design is complete.

Step 3: Cure nails again for about 30 seconds using a 6-watt ultra violet lamp.

Step 4: Use a gel brush to apply SO Gel Nails Builder Finish. This organic synthesized polycarbonate gel cures to a high shine and is extremely durable. Cure the top coat with a 6-watt ultra violet lamp for four to five minutes to achieve a shiny, hard protective finish.


Nails by SO Gel Nails Educator Jayme Reber.





[Courtesy of SO Gel Nails]

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