Nail Art How To: Floral Purple Gel Nails

Jen of NailsDiarybyJen is studying at the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Knoxville, TN. Originally from Thailand, she hopes to find success in America doing what she’s passionate about: nails.

Jen has shared her step-by-step tutorial on how she created this purple floral French design using the Gelish system, So Easy Paints, and SpaRitual sanitizer. Click through to see the rest of her how-to.

Products Used:

Step 1: Start Clean and Dry

Apply SpaRitual Visionary Cleanser to sanitize your hands and your guests’ hands. Push back the cuticle and clean the surrounding nails.

Gently buff each nail to remove the shine. Wipe nails with clean dry sponge to remove the dust and clean the nail.

Step 2: Prep the Nail

Apply Gelish PH Bond to the nails. Apply a thin coat of the Foundation Gel to the nails, then lightly stroke over the top and seal the edges of the nail.

Place the fingers under LED Light for 10 seconds. Remove tacky surface with clean dry sponge. A little pressure is necessary.

Step 3: Time for a Base Color!

Apply a thin layer of a dark Gelish polish like Star Burst to nail plates and free edges. Be sure to seal the edges of the nail. Too thick of application will cause gel to not cure properly.  Place fingers under a LED light for 30 seconds. Apply another layer of gel polish and place fingers again under the LED light for 30 seconds.

Step 4: The Nail Art

Apply lighter Gelish polish like Pink Smoothie on sponge and press onto bottom half of nail for a sponged effect. Place fingers in LED light for 30 seconds.

Next, paint flowers with nail art colors. For this, she used So Easy Stripe Right Paints.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Apply Gelish Top It Off top coat to nail plates to free edges using a thin light application. Place fingers in LED Light for 30 seconds.

Apply Gelish Cleanser on a clean sponge to remove the tacky surface. Apply Gelish Nourish cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail to condition and revitalize.

[Images and Tutorial Courtesy of Jen of Nails Diary By Jen]

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