Mod Gold Stripes at Erin Fetherston

The Spring 2015 Erin Fetherston collection was inspired by budding images of quintessential English Rose with a Kate Moss 90’s feel. Fabrics evoke scenes from the garden with prints of cherry blossoms, butterflies and rose blooms on an array of soft chiffons and sleek neoprenes.

To play off the flower girl and lady-like collection, manicurist Gina Edwards for KISS Products, Inc. created a crisp white, classic oval shape nail with a thin gold stripe at the tip. The look is classic – yet chic enough for the runway.

How to get the look:

  • Using the KISS 100-Count Nail Covers in Active Oval, select the correct size that fits natural nails
  • Adhere the sticky tabs underneath the nail and apply nail directly to fingers
  • Paint two coats of KISS Nail Artist Paint in white over the nails
  • Allow a few minutes to dry before applying nail art
  • Use the gold foil tape from KISS Salon Secrets to create the line
  • Apply the foil tape close to the tip of the nail – do not worry about the length when using foil tape
  • Use cuticle scissors to cut excess foil tape after the line is set in place

[Images: KISS Products, Inc.]

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