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If you haven’t heard of Minx nails then listen up; this is a fun product! Minx is a flexible polymer film that contains its color in the plastic. Minx designs boast animal prints, flowers, paisley, plaid, metallic, holiday anything you can think of. You can even layer them. And get this: No need for primers or etching of the natural nail for adhesion! They shrink-wrap to the nail plate. There are no fumes—which makes this product perfect for the spa—and it lasts on natural nails about as long as nail polish without chipping, and there’s no drying time. It lasts longer over enhancements and even longer on toes. No electric file or acetone needed for removal either. You simply apply and remove it with an infrared heat lamp. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are already wearing Minx. In many cities there is not one salon offering Minx to their clients; definitely something for you think about! 866.757.6469, minxnails.com.