NAIL PRO 2011 in Sacramento “Sculptured Nails” 1st PRIZE
NAIL PRO 2011 in Sacramento “Salon Success” 1st PRIZE

- “NailSalon mayunail” Owner
- Nail Therapist
- 1st Grade: Proficiency Test of NPO Japan Nailist Association
- License for Nail Specialty (Operator): New York State Authorization
- License for Nail Specialty (Business): New York State Authorization
- Salon Service Training and Nailist Developing Instructor
(acquired at Empire New York Nail School TOKYO)
- Owner and Director of “Nail Juku (Nail School)”

Mayu for the first time entered the prestige’s yearly Nail Pro 2011Competition in Sacramento, California in the USA and successfully won first place in two of the main competition categories, the Sculpture Nail and Salon Success events. The judges were greatly impressed by her ability to participate locally in the competition with models she had never met before while consistently demonstrating her high quality techniques throughout the competition.

Her counseling and salon work is precise and thorough with a polite attitude towards everyone has earned her high respect and trust by visitors. There are also many big name artists and celebrities who come to Mayu`s nail salon as a secret getaway place for relaxing nail care treatments and attention. In addition, not only women visit Mayu`s salon but men clientele seeking a relaxing atmosphere for the care of their nails has increased as well.

Students highly trust Mayu`s technical support. Her ability to adjust her teaching style in ways to meet her student`s different skill levels is very popular. She is able to teach very difficult basic cuticle care techniques, paint art, air brush, flat art, and highly technical design sculptures which all are done at her salon for all her students. These qualities are what make her one of the top Nail-artist.


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