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How I created my design.

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Submitted by syaggy on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 02:27


I love them! Actually look realistic to wear everyday! !

We love them. Nail art that makes a statement yet remains classy! Beautiful.

Beautiful nails!!

Love the nails!! Would definately wear them!!

good job

These nails are beautiful!! Very classy to wear.

these are the best!


YOUR NAIL S*** GO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love. Your Cuz Dani :)

I really like these nails because they represent a single theme, they are not "goddy" and can be designed with one style on all nails or select two, three, four or five different designs. What ever you like. They will match and stay in the same theme, no matter which you choose.

Very nice.

i love me encantan bellas

I hope this time I voted correctly.

These are amazing, Mari!! :)
I still have to get my nails done by you; they need so much help. lol

very nice!

This design is gorgeous!
You do amazing job on nail art Maricel!!!<3
love it:)




Your nail art is unique and very classy.

Outstanding work Maricel...beautiful!

you do a fantastic job.

FABULOUS NAILS. These are absolutely beautiful. Great Job.

Love the detail and uniqueness of each Nail.

Excellent nails. Looking at all of them I think this is the best

I VOTED! Very Pretty!!!

The BEST..

They are so spectacular!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!

Love the detail!!! Can't believe it was all freehand!!!

They are awesome - you ROCK the nail art Mari

looks great