Kim's Nail it ... with Color!!

Most of my art work is done  using a variety of colored acrylics, hand painted designes using stripping brushes and imagination.  The silver, purple and teal nails art done with silver acrylic as a base and then the artwork is drawn by hand. I the. Usually finish any polish art work with a uv top coat for durability. The bubble thumb nails are snow globes.  Each is hand made with custom color to match the nail art. They are filled with water, bling to match the color scheme, and plenty of bling to watch moving within the nail. I also blend acrylics as seen in the neon, pink, and yellow, and the  blue, yellow, green nails   Also my nail art consists of 3D artwork as with flowers and many different types of items. 

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Submitted by kimi691 on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 05:19