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How I created my design.

These nails are created just for my daughter Starla and this is a set that I do not duplicate on anyone. I know her nails by heart and know that the Christmas design would be awesome. Christmas means that my daughter wants me to create a design just for her, something simple and elegant and something that will bring a smile to her face when I am done. The white and blue tip have become a yearly tradition and we find new and fun stickers or stamps to go with the white and blue icicle snowing design. I used Quintessence Builder and Base gel for these nails. I used pearl white eyeshadow powder and blue glitter mixed with the gel for the color. I also used Joby Holiday stickers along with Konad stampers number M14 for the twinkles.
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Submitted by syaggy on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 18:46