Kickin' Pedicures

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What's your favorite pedicure?
Share your delux pedicure service and you could be featured in the May issue of NAILPRO!

Professionally, I will always encourage including seasonable pedicures on a service menu. But even as a consumer, I can't help but be lured into those fancy-themed, full-service pedicures. You know, the ones that have a citrus soak with lemon slices floating it in, followed by an invigorating tangerine scrub and zesty citrus lotion, and all the while I'm sipping on a fizzy champagne spritzer. Ahhh...

If you're not including services like that in your salon, then you're missing out on some serious cash—these services can carry a hefty price tag, but if you do them right, your clients will pay.

If you are including specialized pedicures on your service menu, we'd love to hear about them! And if you share your favorite pedicure "recipe" with us, it could be included in the May issue of NAILPRO. Just click here to add your best-selling pedicure.


i offer different scents each month example: November was chocolate pedi"s, December candy cane, January champagne, Feb strawberry champagne for a valentine extra I put soap petals in the water, each client received a single rose and chocolate dipped strawberries. I can provide you with recipes for the chocolate and candy cane these were all natural ingredients that I made...Awesome and went over very well. If a client doesnt want the monthly scent then my pedi's are done using the En Vogue line scent coconut lime. If you have questions please feel free to contact me thanks.