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How I created my design.

I was really excited about this theme. I had alot of ideas, but i only did 5. My 1st nail is a schoolbus, bursting out of a nail, like its ready to go back to school. Made out of colored acrylic and paint. My 2nd nail is cut into the shape of an apple with a schoolhouse painted on it. My 3rd nail is a bunch of books made out of index cards and painted, with a bookworm popping out, made from colored acrylic and his glasses from a paperclip. My 4th nail is a chalkboard outlined with a ruler all painted with a little piece of chalk which is a piece of a Q-tip. And my 5th and final nail, its finally graduation day. Made out of paper, index card, and thread. I hope you enjoy!
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Submitted by Jenn on Mon, 08/01/2011 - 05:29


I had a great time with this project. All my nieces and nephews are still in school, so it brings back alot of good memories. Looking forward to the next contest!

Hey Jenn, Great job on your nails. That bus really looks like it is coming out of the nail in 3-D, really cool! I am in awe with your 3-D nail art. The way you made those school books come off the nail and that bookworm is classic . Also I liked you're chalkboard nail the best out of all the contestants. Good luck!!!

Thank u. They were all fun to do, but alot of work. Cant wait for the next contest!