Glitter Powder

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If you’re a glitter addict like me, then you probably have every glitter color on the market in your case. Well, I’ve discovered something new to add to your collection. Sparkles Nail Products is known for its unique line of glitter powders, and now they’ve released new glitter additives. These are special because they have all kinds of different shapes mixed together and every shape has it’s own sparkle, which makes it appear holographic and multi-dimensional. This is not your run-of-the-mill glitter! Create a fun glitter French by first sculpting a tip with color glitter. Then place the Sparkles glitters on top. Finish by encasing the design in clear. It’s awesome for toes too! Apply gel or gel polish and before you cure, place the glitter shapes however you like. Encasing it with a builder gel ensures a smooth finish. Add a gel topcoat and they’re good to go! 877.775.5748,