Getting to Know You: Networking Event vs. Educational Seminar vs. Trade Show

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Each of the three events listed above has its own distinctive characteristics. The advantage of a networking day is that it allows techs from a reasonably close geographical area to spend the day with others in the industry to share their collective wisdom while avoiding costly travel expenses. The overarching theme at a networking day is one of education, usually on a casual, individualized basis. In that regard, it’s comparable to an all-day educational seminar. The biggest difference between a networking event and an educational seminar is that a networking day usually involves a representative and/or an educator from several different companies, whereas an educational seminar is usually devoted to a specific product or manufacturer. While there are company representatives in attendance, most networking days prohibit the selling of product to keep the focus of the event on teaching. This obviously differs greatly from a trade show where the major emphasis is on introducing and selling products to the nail technician and demonstrating their correct use. All three types of educational forums are very useful, but it’s important to keep their differences in mind. In general, a networking day will be much more personal and in-depth compared to an all-day educational event or industry trade show.