How To Create Winning Competition Nails

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How To Create Winning Competition Nails

Product Application: Pink-and-White Nails
When working on your pink-and-white nails, use two dappen dishes: one for the white powder and one for the pink. This keeps the pink from becoming cloudy. Pour only enough liquid in the dish to do one or two nails at a time.


Step 1: Apply the form. Apply the white product in one ball using a dryer consistency. Quickly press the product up into the corners on both sides to create a smile line. Don’t worry if it doesn’t get all the way up in the corners, you can fix that later—just make sure the smile line is sharp and in place. To make it really sharp, poke your brush down behind the product at the smile line while swiping.

Step 2: Make sure there is absolutely no white on the nail plate—it must be very clean. If necessary, place a tiny ball of product up in the corners of the smile line to make them sharp and complete. Note: Be sure that the top points of the smile line are completely even and the curvature of the smile line is the same on all five fingers. Be aware of the pressure that you apply with your brush. Many times I’ve seen smile lines that were consistent but leaned to one side on every nail because the technician was heavy handed on the right side.


Step 3: Place a medium consistency pink ball of acrylic directly behind the smile line and press it into place. Do not pull the pink product down over the white free edge because this clouds the tip. After it’s pressed into place, you can lightly stroke down toward the free edge with your brush to ensure smoothness.

Step 4: Place the next ball of medium consistency pink at the cuticle area. Be sure to completely cover the area leaving a tiny margin at the back. If you over liquefy the product here, it will just file off because 
it’s so thin in this area—and the judges will see that. The cuticle area must be completely covered with product.

3054 Gently press your C-curve with tweezers or another pinching tool.

Step 5: If necessary, place a fourth pink ball of acrylic at the stress area, but be careful about
 pulling it over the white tip. This one can have a
 wet consistency.


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