Exclusive Interview: Backstage With CND At The Blonds

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Exclusive Interview: Backstage With CND At The Blonds

NP: What's the worst? (Is there a worst?)

RV: The biggest challenge we face is to out-do ourselves each season and to push our creative boundaries! And meeting the deadline!


NP: What is the craziest thing you've seen backstage?

RV: In my 12 years working backstage, I have witnessed some crazy things, way too many to list! Super model meltdowns, intoxicated models, intoxicated designers and extremely interesting personalities, but at the end of the day we focus on the task at hand and stay clear of any drama!

NP: What would you tell techs who want to get involved in backstage work?

RV: CND pioneered backstage beauty for nails 17 years ago, convincing designers that nails are an essential component to beauty and complete a look.  Dedication and perseverance paid off, as many designers today wouldn’t dream of having a show without nails, so it an exciting time to be a Nail Pro. Opportunities that were rare years ago are available and achievable. You must be flexible, and able to do precise work quickly under lots of pressure. Many times, decisions aren’t made until the last minute and working conditions are never ideal, but the fast pace makes it exciting and very rewarding!

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