Exclusive Interview: Backstage With CND At The Blonds

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Exclusive Interview: Backstage With CND At The Blonds

This is can’t-miss nail art. CND worked exclusively with The Blonds at NYFW to create some of the most stunning nail art we’ve ever seen, like shiny double-decker tips, bionic gear manis with moving parts, and more rhinestones than a whole salon could use in a year!

We got the chance to talk to Roxanne Valinoti, CND North America Education Manager, to find out more about how the incredible show was pulled off, and what it took to make one of the most detail-oriented runways a success!

Nailpro (NP): What was your specific job when creating the nails for the show? Did you create something specific? If so, how did you come up with that?

Roxanne Valinoti (RV): My role at NYFW is very diverse! I act as a CND spokesperson, and Kristina Estabrooks and I both manage the team on site in the Design Lab to ensure that production is being executed at the highest level. The creation of nails is not a solo project but rather a collaboration from the entire team!
Jan, Kristina and I meet with David and Phillipe of The Blonds several weeks before the show and start the creative process. They share their inspiration and vision for the clothing collection with us while we concept ideas that will help bring their story to life. Then the CND A-team goes to work, creating templates that will be tweaked until perfection! Each team member brings individual and unique ideas to the table to enrich the original design concept.


NP: What was the biggest challenge in creating the nails for The Blonds show this year?

RV: This season, we challenged ourselves to think outside of the box and elevated our nails to true “works of art.”  Each nail was hand-crafted using all CND products, including components that were created with Brisa Lite Gel, Liquid and Powder and CND Shellac!

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