Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling Collection

Essie knows the six hot colors for the season; it’s their Winter 2013 Shearling Darling collection. Each of the six shades is a cozy hue made to entice clients like the last piece of warm fudge at a holiday party. From the classic holiday staple – red glitter, to a unique plum neutral, be sure to stock this set in your salon for the cooler days to come.

Toggle to the Top is the classic holiday color – bright, crimson glitter that can be worn by itself or layered over a crème.

The collection’s namesake, Shearling Darling, is a dark raspberry sweater-like red.

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck is the lighter side of the set. The wisteria pink pairs well with darker blue tones like After School Boy Blazer or Mind Your Mittens.

One of the most unique hues of the set, Sable Collar is a distinct shimmery cocoa plum. It camouflages as a brown neutral tone when needed, but has gleams of purple when it’s time for your client to dress up!

Parka Perfect is a dusty mint – a lighter choice for cooler months, but somehow perfectly appropriate, pairing well with gold, navy, and plum.

Though a dark rich teal, Mind Your Mittens looks especially sleek alongside a bright wintery knit scarf!

[Images: Essie]

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