Essentials Survey - Advertising and Marketing

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Different Advertising methods

How do you advertise your business?

Handouts - 57.8%
Online ads/directories - 42.9%
Email blasts - 33.3%
Direct mail - 22.4%

Do you host in-salon events for the local community?

Yes - 29%
No - 71%

66% of salons that held community events got between 1 and 5 new clients as a result!

Have you ever partnered with a local area business, such as a restaurant or tanning salon, to advertise your business?

Yes - 23%
No - 77%

Business partnering responses:

  • "Yes! I work hard to keep open communication with local radio stations, clubs and restaurants. I do promotions, like going into clubs and offering complementary hand scrubs to promote my salon. I also provide services to local baseball, football and tennis games doing custom Minx made for their fans. I enjoy promoting my services!"
  • "We give a 20% discount to customers of all other stores in our shopping center."
  • "Local clothing boutiques ask me to come in and perform services for their clients. In turn, my clients support their business as well. The local businesses never ask me for one cent of my profits."
  • “We partner with several other local businesses to help each other out.”