Education at Sea (page 2)

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Blindfolded nail art!

Life on board the ship was one of comfort and luxury; I’ve never felt so pampered and looked after. And the food was wonderful and diverse. The first night we watched the sunset over the ocean, and the first morning we sat on the balcony watching the colors of the sunrise while sipping fresh coffee.

The education and discussion topics were diverse. Peters spoke about her plans for the Professional Nail Technicians Association (PNA), which would provide the industry with standards for education on manicures, pedicures, artificial nail enhancements and sanitization, while remaining non-product specific. Dr. G very eloquently discussed the need for sanitization and disinfection with respect to foot care and effectively cleaning pedicure chairs with jet piping in particular. There was a presentation about nail disorders that showed a number of disturbing photos with some particularly diseased nails. And there was even a lecture about the various methods in which you can increase your earning potential through initiative, sales, professionalism and education.

The trip also featured many demonstrations, starting with an LCN technique that used two different colors on a small sponge to do an effortless two color fade. Next we saw the complete collection of Young Nails acrylic, color powders and glitters, plus the gel line complete with color gels, and how to use them--the possibilities are endless! The underlying emotion with all of these demonstrations can be summed up in one word: passion. Each and every educator showed an enviable passion for what they were doing. It was infectious.