The Difference Between Swarovski Nail Art Rhinestones and Common Resin Rhinestones! ~

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Today I will be reviewing some beautiful swarovski nail art stones. These were sent to me by Born Pretty Store, an online store that sells many nail art and asian cosmetic products including jewellery at really good prices, sometimes even better than ebay! I buy a lot of my nail art supplies from ebay, and so I really appreciate it when I come across a webstore that sells the products im looking for, but at an even better price. 

Although these swarovski nail art stones were sent to me for review, all my opinions expressed here are solely my own and completely truthful.

I am going to also show you the difference between usual resin nail art rhinestones, and the swarovski ones from Born Pretty Store. 

Let’s get started! 

I only had my phone camera for taking photos and videos, so please excuse the quality. 

Born Pretty Store Swarovski nail art stones sitting on my laptop, and then show in the palm of my hand.

Next we have the usual resin nail art rhinestones, that are usually sold much much cheaper and you can tell straight away that they are more dull and do not pick up much reflection or sparkly shine. You can view the images at my blog here:

Both types of rhinestones have flat backs, so they are both easy to apply to your nail art. 

The swarovski ones can be identified straight away by the amazing sparkle they give off under light, and if you tap your teeth onto one they feel gritty, and definitely like a stone/glass. Whereas with the common resin rhinestones, the light does not shine/sparkle off them much, and they feel very plastic. 

If you want to add eye catching shine and sparkle to your nail art or manicure, I would definately pay the extra few dollars to get swarovski nail art rhinestones. They are stronger, shinier, they sparkle beautifully, and come in many colours and sizes. Also, they will not dull when topcoat is added to seal in your nail art/manicure, which the resin ones are prone to do. Swarovski crystal nail art rhinestones keep looking like tiny cut gemstones, with the cut of the stone visible, unlike the resin ones. 

Born Pretty Store sells lots of varieties of swarovski nail art rhinestones, and their customer service and shipping is excellent. These rhinestones are my #1 go to product for turning a typical manicure/nail art into a blingy sparkle glitter explosion!! ~ 

Also, they have offered me to give all my lovely followers a special discount coupon, that you can use on any items in the store! So go ahead and check out their swarovski nail art rhinestones, and all the other gorgeous nail art goodies! I will post two videos following this written review, which demonstrate the difference in sparkle between the Born Pretty Store swarovski nail art rhinestones, and common resin nail art rhinestones. 

Here is the coupon that you can use on their store to get a 5% discount: MOLLYW21 

And here is the link to Born Pretty Store:

And the swarovski stones from this review:

Here is a video comparison/review of the difference in sparkle/light reflection between swarovski nail art rhinestones and common resin rhinestones:

Enjoy! Xx