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How I created my design.

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Submitted by syaggy on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 02:00


very well done and creativity is awesome.

thank you very much!

I love the jewels down the finger...very creative!

Beautiful Aunt Dine!!!!


These nails are innovative, dramatic, and gorgeous!

Beautiful, and again, totally new idea and different than anything you've done before!!! Way to go, Queen!!

I love it!!!!! I like the design down the finger... can you do bikes?

Beautiful as always!!!

her nails are AMAZING! Way to go Queen! Designs are endless and her creativity is awesome!

thank you everyone..i really appreciate it! love all you guys

Great job, you do the most beautiful work like always!!!!

Great job as always, you do the most beautiful work!!!
Her nails look amazing!!!

the most talented, sweetest, funniest nail artist around!!!!!!! Long Live THE QUEEN!!!

I vote for the Queen's nails. Every single week she creates new designs and uses for embelishments on her OWN nails. She is extremely talented and very deserving of first place!

What can I say Queen. YOU ROCK GIRL!!! You never cease to amaze me. Just keep doing what you do because it is awesome.