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De-Clutter Your Manicure Table
The November 2011 issue of NAILPRO provides tips for a cleaner workspace. Here, you show off your nail tables!

We at NAILPRO enjoy providing tips for de-cluttering your workspace. But what we love even more is seeing pictures of your manicure tables! (And we know that your fellow techs do too.)

Enjoy the images above, and if you'd like to submit photos of your nail space, email them to!


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I love this table! It provides plenty of room for my client and I, and all my products are stored neatly and close by my side. I shopped all over and found it at Office Max.  —Linda, Nice Nails I found the perfect manicure table: the light dances off of it, clients ooh and ahh when they see it, and the beautiful gold tones make it decidedly feminine. —Hillary Fry Casey Graham's "nail" table. Andrea Guerrero's nail space. Colleen Nadas's nail space. On my table I have a glass pink skull with samples, a mini fan, my YN99 e-file and my Sunflower lamp. I specialize in art so I have a shelf-unit packed with art supplies and of course nail magazines! —Classic Mully I'm super organized so I have everything right where it needs to be! —Classic Mully, owner, The Nail Artist, Gilbert, AZ —Patty Lopez, Studio 24 Nail Salon, Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico My name is Maria Castrogivanni and I’ve been doing nails for 27 years—and my nail table is also 27 years old! I work at Stony Brook University in New York. I’ve been leasing the space in the lower level of the student union for the past 3 years. My nail table is the complete package. I had it built complete with one of the first WTAC units ever made and it has been 3 different colors of Formica since then. —Maria Castrogivanni, STUDIO 97 A place for everything, and everything in its place! —Maria Castrogivanni, STUDIO 97 Colie's work station.


I admire image 6-very impressive!