A Day in the Life of Kimmie Kyees: My Diary (page 4)

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Actress Raven Symone

7:00 p.m.

Jenna Jameson’s House

I arrive at Jenna Jameson’s house, and she’s in the middle of doing a fashion show for her boyfriend—UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. Meanwhile, her assistant Shana is trying to select an outfit for her upcoming trip. Jenna is leaving for a very important interview the next day, and she already had the camera crew come to her house the day before to tape part of the interview. They want to show how Jenna has made the transition from adult film star to a committed, loving mother of twin boys. She's now a bona fide “mommy blogger,” adding a whole new following to her already huge fan base.
During the taping the day before, the cameraman kept asking Jenna, “Wow, what’s on your nails?” Jenna was wearing black and white checker Minx on her toes, and black with multicolored zig-zags over silver Minx on her fingers, so she knew that she wanted to wear Minx again for her television appearance. I set up to do Jenna’s nails in her living room. I’ve been doing her nails for four years now, so we are very comfortable together. Jenna loves color, and she loves wild and unusual designs, so I show her some extra designs that Minx made for the Alexander McQueen show in Paris last October. They include a design of a close-up peacock feather that is teal with a feathery look, and toward the end becomes lighter, which Jenna chooses for her toes. For her fingers, she picks a design with blues and yellows that look like an Agate stone sliced down the center, showing all the layers. Jenna blogs about it on her website a couple of days later, saying:

“I have gotten MANY emails concerning my nails. Even though I am uber-exhausted, I felt the need for a quicky blog about my obsession concerning my nails. I have been getting Minx done on my natural nails for quite a long time now and I LOVE IT!!! This is a really fun option for mommies that have their hands in and out of water (washing bottles and dishes). It lasts a lot longer than a regular old manicure and NEVER chips! I always have gel applied over the top to ensure it staying put. Now, this technique isn’t practiced everywhere but its certainly worth asking your nail tech to get certified in Minx technology! This week, my girl applied a really fun design that looks like a universe—or maybe a rock crystal—so insanely cute (and it matched my dress I wore for an interview today). Minx has SO many beautiful and FUN designs, check it out.”

Jenna enjoys watching Dancing with the Stars, so it’s on television while I do her nails. Just before I leave for my next client—Paula Abdul—I see Paula being interviewed, sitting in the audience! Since there’s a three hour time lag from taping to airing in L.A., Paula has gone from the show to dinner with friends, and then calls to tell me to come on over to her house! I leave Jenna’s at around 10:00 p.m. to go to see my last client of the day.

10:00 p.m.

On the Road Again

More driving! Getting a bit tired…