Caviar and Roses Bridal Nails - By Jillian at Dolce Salon and Spa

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How I created my design.

I used reverse application with Entity pink from cuticle to smile line, and Entity clear VERY thinly on the form to create the free edge. I then carefully removed the sculpting forms. From there, I used Entity white, Young Nails gold, silver, and glitter mixed with Entity clear to apply the design, working on the white part of each nail first. Then applying the other powders in the swirling shapes on either side of the white, until the free edge was covered. While the clear sections were semi-hardened, I added gold caviar pieces and pressed down, allowing it to look like the caviar beads were "floating" between the colored acrylics. I did this on all nails except the ring fingers. On the ring fingers, I used Entity white at the smile line, fading into the glitter-mixed clear, then into clear alone at the very edge. I filed and shaped the nails. Then I used Young Nails Imagination Art Liquid color and added 2 drops of yellow and one drop of blue to a dampen dish full of monomer (about 1 tsp). I used this monomer, with Entity white powder to create the leaves on the ring fingers. I mixed 1 drop of red liquid into another dampen dish of monomer, and used it along with white powder to sculpt the roses, starting with the outer petals and ending with the center. At the very center, I applied a small dot of Bondini nail glue, and poured the gold caviar beads on to create the stamens of the flowers. After that, I used Bondini nail glue to adhere varied sizes of clear rhinestones on the nails. Finally, I used Entity's gel top coat over all ten nails, curing for two minutes under a UV light. A little cuticle oil was the last step to creating these beautiful bridal nails!
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Submitted by jillian.clark on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 02:12