French Manicure 2 Again a great example of a basic french manicure done on the natural nail. This is no airbrushing...all freehand! more »
French Manicure Done on the natural nail, your basic French Manicure. This is no airbrush...all freehand. more »
Can we say PURPLE! Acrylic enhancements done with Creative Mozaic collection using purple, creative crystal clear mixed with pink and added a bit of nail art to top it off. more »
Lombo Bimbo by China Glaze! This set of Acrylic enhancements were done for a wedding, all hand painted in Limbo Bimbo by China Glaze, enhanced with blackest black and a silver stripping to top... more »
Pink glam These are done with creative crystal clear mixed with pink glitter and also tammy taylor prizma neon pink. Visit more »