Gelacquer Gel Brush Gelacquer Gel Brush from Christrio Bewitch your clients with stylish wands from Christrio, featuring kolinsky hair to provide a smoother, more controlled application. 800.574.4252 more »
Brush Case from Nubar Brush Case from Nubar Protect your brushes and travel with ease, the hard-sided case can hold up to 15 brushes and is available in several colors. 818.241.0519 • more »
Compact Gel Brushes Compact Gel Brushes from Christrio The fitted caps of these gel brushes can be used to extend your grip or protect the durable nylon bristles when the brushes aren't in use. 800.574.4252, christrio.... more »
Gelacquer Gel Brush Gelacquer Gel Brush from Christrio Kolinsky bristles provide smoother gel application for the new gel brush from Christrio, available in #6 and #8 sizes. The aluminum body allows optimum control and... more »
Conclusive Sculpture Brush Conclusive Sculpture Brush from Odyssey Nail Systems The brushes—available in #2 and #8—have a perfect point for meticulous detailing and feature genuine Kolinsky sable bristles. 877.NAILS.EM, more »