Base Coat

Remove Glitter Polish Easily With OPI Glitter Off Base Coat Clients love the dazzle and allure of the glitter nail polish, but when it comes time to remove, no amount of scraping or cursing seems to pry those last stubborn... more »
The Basics of Base Coats The Basics of Base Coats While a fair amount of the general public doesn't bother to use a base coat when applying polish at home, those in the nail business know that a base coat is... more »
Pools and Manicures Pool Time & Manicures Occasionally cooling off in a chlorinated pool this summer should not affect manicures or pedicures. In fact, most women up their visits to nail salons during the... more »
Young Nails Protein Bond Nail PRODUCTS: Young Nails Protein Bond The non-acidic exclusive polymer bonds to the nail's keratin structure to create a surface perfect for anchoring gel, acrylic, or polish. 800.777.9170 www.... more »
Gelacquer Competition Set Nail PRODUCTS: Gelacquer Competition Set The Gelacquer LED/UV Competition Set includes a base coat, top coat, and #64 Red Rose. The three-pack is ideal for the beginner as well as the seasoned nail artist... more »
EVOLUTIONMAN Rebel Nail Paints and Nail Varnishes Nail PRODUCTS: EVOLUTIONMAN Rebel Nail Paints and Nail Varnishes Give a perfectly groomed manicure with a matte or glossy finish using Pure Matte or Pure Bling. The Rebel collection—metallic charcoal Stand Out, concrete... more »