Behind the Nail Pros

December 2010 Cover: Dart a Glance Nail Art Video: NAILPRO Cup Winner ("The Dart" Nails) (Behind the Nail Pros Dec. 2010) Want to learn how three-time NAILPRO Cup competition winner Lynn Lammers creates her new design, The Dart? This video gives you her tips and techniques. Post your... more »
Making NAILPRO's November 2010 cover nails. Nail Art Video: Cameo Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Nov. 2010) Interested in how Canadian nail artist Michelle Sproat designed the cameo nails for NAILPRO's November cover? Check out the video for a how-to. Post your nail art... more »
October 2010 Cover: 1980s Safari Nail Art Video: Neon Animal Print Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Oct. 2010) Trying to entice your clients into trying a more daring look? Take them out of the salon and onto the savanna with nail artist Marilyn Garcia's '80s-style neon... more »
Nail Art Art How To | Nail Art Videos | Fall Nail Colors II Nail Art Video: Fall Nail Polish Colors II (Behind the Nail Pros Sept. 2010) NAILPRO's fall color story means rich nail hues for the cover nails. The 2010 season was all about jewel-toned pigments and color with depth. Walk through the... more »
Behind the August 2010 Cover Nail Art Video: Metallic Nail Tips (Behind the Nail Pros Aug. 2010) Patricia Yankee enhances metallic tips that reflect all of the shimmery gold of summertime Post your nail art in our Nail Art Galleries » and share, vote or... more »
Behind the July 2010 Cover Nail Art Video: Detailed Designer Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Jul. 2010) Australia's Viv Simmonds calls this gorgeous and incredibly detailed style "designer nails," evocative of the use of the word "designer" in fashion, indicating... more »