Behind the Nail Pros

How to create 3-D butterfly nails. Nail Art Video: 3 Nail Artists in 1 (Behind the Nail Pros Apr. 2011) Gina Silvestro, Viv Simmonds and Catherine Wong all came together to create one simply amazing set of nails for the April 2011 cover. Silvestro began by creating... more »
Nail Art Art How To | Nail Art Videos | Spring Nail Lacquers Nail Art Video: Spring Nail Laquers (Behind the Nail Pros Mar. 2011) Nail tech and educator Vicki Peters perfectly polishes nails using the best of the spring 2011 lacquers. Post your nail art in our Nail Art Galleries » and... more »
February 2011 Cover: Heart Breaker Nail Art Video: Goth Valentine's Day Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Feb. 2011) Get a Goth-glam look for Valentine's Day instead of saccharine-sweet red hearts with this tutorial with nail artist Elaine Watson's anti-holiday nail... more »
January 2011 Cover: The Big Chill Nail Art Video: Winter Chic Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Jan. 2011) Looking for a salon-wearable nail tutorial? Watch as nail artist Yvette Holt takes you through her steps to make a winter chic design. Post your nail art in our... more »
December 2010 Cover: Dart a Glance Nail Art Video: NAILPRO Cup Winner ("The Dart" Nails) (Behind the Nail Pros Dec. 2010) Want to learn how three-time NAILPRO Cup competition winner Lynn Lammers creates her new design, The Dart? This video gives you her tips and techniques. Post your... more »
Making NAILPRO's November 2010 cover nails. Nail Art Video: Cameo Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Nov. 2010) Interested in how Canadian nail artist Michelle Sproat designed the cameo nails for NAILPRO's November cover? Check out the video for a how-to. Post your nail art... more »