Behind the Nail Pros

Behind the December 2007 Cover December 2007: Behind the Scenes This year's "Nailpro" Cup winner creates a cover of blue and white stiletto nails that make admirers burn with envy. (nail artist: Rachel Mouritsen) Related... more »
Nail Art Art How To | Nail Art Videos | Old-Fashioned Meets Modern Nails November 2007: Behind the Scenes Old-fashioned meets modern on this month's "Nailpro" cover, where intricate florals and delicate ruffles complement high-fashion hair and geometric jewelry. (nail... more »
Behind the October 2007 Cover October 2007: Behind the Scenes The spirit of Halloween arrives early in this month's "Nailpro" cover, inspired in part by the masked models strutting the runway in Milan at the Dolce &... more »
Behind the September 2007 Cover September 2007: Behind the Scenes This month's "Nailpro" cover pairs the deep hues and rich colors of the fall polish collections with the seasons high-fashion styles. Long nails with a concave-free... more »
Behind the August 2007 Cover August 2007: Behind the Scenes This month's NAILPRO cover evokes summer beaches with the promise of buried treasure. (nail artist: Elaine Watson Related Videos: Nail Art How to: Springtime... more »
Behind the July 2007 Cover July 2007: Behind the Scenes This month's "Nailpro" cover showers nails with a rainbow of color—contrasted against a model painted completely white. (nail artist: Jeffi Girgenti) Related... more »