Behind the Nail Pros

Behind the August 2008 Cover August 2008: Behind the Scenes Go behind the scenes with Nailpro to New York, to see the making of the stylish look that graces the August 2008 cover. Related Videos: Nail Art How to: Springtime... more »
Behind the July 2008 Cover July 2008: Behind the Scenes Reality TV star Adrianne Curry lights up this month's "Nailpro" cover with hand-painted nails that complement her "painted-on" swimsuit. (nail artist: Tom Bachik)... more »
Behind the June 2008 Cover June 2008: Behind the Scenes Inspired by the Maggie-Award-winning layout inside, this month's "Nailpro" cover pays homage to styles, colors and shapes made famous by some of the great fine... more »
Behind the May 2008 Cover May 2008: Behind the Scenes The spirit of '90s supermodels strikes back with snakeskin nails on this month's "Nailpro" cover. (nail artist: Greg Salo) Related Videos: Nail Art How to:... more »
Behind the April 2008 Cover April 2008: Behind the Scenes Sparkling yet simple French nails with glitter and gel adorn this ballerina "mains et pieds" on this month's "Nailpro" cover. (nail artist: Somer Downes) Related... more »
Behind the March 2008 Cover March 2008: Behind the Scenes Spring nail polish collections inspired this month's NAILPRO cover with floral props that complement the various colors here and in the Pretty Posies color story. (... more »