Behind the Nail Pros

Behind the April 2010 Cover Nail Art How to: Stiletto Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Apr. 2010) This month's cover features the work of Trang Nguyen, worldwide educator and artist and founder of Odyssey Nail Systems' Education Department—sharp stiletto... more »
March 2010 Nailpro Cover Alice in Wonderland Nail Art How to: Spring Nail Polish Collections and NAILPRO's Maggie-Award-winning "Alice in Wonderland" (Behind the Nail Pros Mar. 2010) This month's cover follows Alice down the rabbit hole as we present the colors in the spring 2010 nail polish collections. The first video features an interview... more »
Behind the February 2010 Cover Nail Art How to: NAILPRO 10th Anniversary Cover Nails (Behind the Nail Pro Feb. 2010) See how the Nailpro team created the nails for the platinum anniversary February cover. Tom Bachik used a combination of Minx, silver lacquer, rhinestones and... more »
Behind the January 2010 Cover Nail Art How to: NAILPRO Cup Winner / Sculptured Acrylic Nails (Behind the Nail Pros Jan. 2010) Watch 2009 Nailpro Cup winner Lynn Lammers create a set of award-winning, competition style sculptured acrylic nails for the January cover. Post your nail art in... more »
Behind the December 2009 Cover December 2009: Behind the Scenes See how the Nailing the New Year, the December cover, was created. The nail artist created sparkly, celebratory acrylics to ring in the new year. Related Videos:... more »
Behind the November 2009 Cover November 2009: Behind the Scenes Go behind the scenes and see how the November cover, Heavy Metal, was created. The nail artist created this edgy look using staples as a decorative element.... more »