Savvy Salon

Savvy Salon: MARS the Salon Savvy Salon: MARS the Salon Meet MARS the Salon in West Hollywood, which provides elite nail treatments and client services by practicing Japanese hospitality and craftsmanship. The Japanese... more »
Savvy Salon: Zenii Skin & Nails Savvy Salon: Zenii Skin & Nails Zenii Nail Salon in L.A. is "obtainable luxury": they provide a high-end experience, but price their services to be competitive in the market. They easily up the... more »
Savvy Salon: HOOPLA Savvy Salon: HOOPLA Learn what makes HOOPLA, a nail salon known for their own polish line, so successful, and get a few pointers for your own business!DistinctionClients get to... more »
Savvy Salon: The Nail Studio by T.O. Savvy Salon: The Nail Studio by T.O. Teena Olsen, owner of The Nail Studio by T.O., has a commitment that sets her salon apart from many others. She's truly passionate about nail art and strives to... more »
Savvy Salon: KandiLand Nail Art Studio KandiLand Nail Art Studio's claim to fame is being the first nail art studio in Long Beach -- meaning they specialize in design and use only the best products in... more »
Savvy Salon: HAMMER & NAILS Savvy Salon: HAMMER & NAILS The garage no longer has to be the go-to hangout for men. West Hollywood's new HAMMER & NAILS, the first and only nail shop for guys, has already serviced NFL... more »