A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find was used on models’ nails at the Fall 2012 Laur OPI kicks off New York Fashion Week with Lauren Moffatt OPI kicked off the Fall 2012 shows doing the nails for Lauren Moffatt’s presentation at The Old School, a Catholic school turned events space. The bright orange hue... more »
How Street It Is from China Glaze Embrace 2012's Top Color with How Street It Is from China Glaze A hue that “emanates heat and energy,” Tangerine Tango was announced as the top color of 2012 by Pantone Color Institute. A bold orange that blends red and yellow... more »
 Dior Vernis Garden Party Scented Lacquers Dior Is Coming Up Roses With the new scented lacquers from Dior Vernis, nails will not only look pretty in garden shades, but they will also smell like roses! First seen on the Dior runway... more »
Massage Lotions, Nailpro Nail PRODUCTS: Massage Lotions Providing memorable manicure massages are in your best interest since they often increase client return, spur ideas for themed services (“Mani, Martini and Massage... more »
Beauty Bus Holiday Box of Beauty The Gift of Beauty Beauty Bus Foundation delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children and their caregivers through beauty and grooming... more »
CND Shellac Twinkle Nails Get Twinkle Nails Nail tech Jolene Brodeur shows how to do a set of Twinkle nails using CND Shellac and sparkly glitter (here she used Martha Stewart craft glitter). While this set... more »