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Nailpro Editor's Memorial Day Nails Memorial Day Nails In the spirit of Memorial Day and this weekend’s kick off of summer festivities, I decided to pay homage to our fallen service members. After all, Memorial Day was... more »
Magnetic Polish Magnetic Polish Happy Friday Everyone! I finally tried the magnetic polish from LCN last night. It was super easy and dried much quicker than I thought it would. You can have the... more »
Ring Finger Nail Polish Trend Ring Finger Nail Polish Trend The modern trend of individualizing a lone ring finger has emerged again with a kick and a whole lot of glitzy, vivid nail art. I was intrigued by this look when I... more »
Cupcake Nails Super Surprise Cupcake Nails Given it’s practically swimsuit season and my recent observance of Cinco de Mayo, I felt compelled to allow sweets on my nails and not my lips. I sometimes get... more »
I used five of the six Crackle Glazes from China Glaze. Cinco de Mayo Nails I was playing around with Crackle Glaze from China Glaze and realized my manicure looked, shall we say “disparate.” Though I was fascinated with the way the crackle... more »
Stephanie Yaggy, Dawn Cobalt, Stephanie Corbin-Mills and Megan James - nail art NAILPRO Staff "Springs" into Nail Art Last Friday NAILPRO took on nail art! We wanted to explore some of the newest nail art for spring and summer. It was a lot of fun…and a lot of glitter. The designs... more »