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Hawaiian Manicure Hawaiian Summer Manicure Playing around with Orly’s Instant Artist Starter Kit and Tuff Scent’s glitter Wisdom produced a Polynesian manicure! My base polish is the limited edition OCRF... more »
The Haunting Collection from China Glaze HaLloWeeN Nails Sneak Peek What month is it?! My office currently shares space with bats, cobwebs and a pile of amazing HalLoWeeN nail décor. Oh yeah, NAILPRO recently finished a photo shoot... more »
Scented Polish Manicure With all the buzz about the re-launch of Tuff Scent, I couldn’t help but dig out my Wicked Sweet Collection from Color Club. The yummy-scented polishes remain sweet... more »
Pink Bows Manicure I've always loved ribbon in my hair, bows on pretty dresses and a pop of color from a frilly decorated shoe. However, sometimes I feel those looks are a bit... more »
Cina Nail Art Pen to create French Manicure Nail Art Pens are FUN! Nail Art Pens from CinaPro Nail Creations are not only fun to play with but can prolong your manicure. Often the gals at Nailpro will throw on some nail paint to "... more »
Summer Picnic Manicure Here's just a couple of reasons why I love NAILPRO's fun staff. When Stephanie Mills saw this manicure she burst into song—"One of these things is not like the... more »