The Breathtaking Pastels Of Zoya Spring 2014

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The Breathtaking Pastels Of Zoya Spring 2014

We’ve stopped drooling over this ah-mazing collection just long enough to share with you. Zoya has just announced their new colors for Spring 2014, which are all light, airy, and pastel. After short, dark days and chilly weather, we’re ready to welcome these illuminated hues into the world!

The Awaken collection includes six great base colors: Dillon (mint green shimmer), Rebel (smoky blue shimmer), Hudson (sweet violet shimmer), Dot (crème pink), Cole (crème tangerine), Brooklyn (pale yellow shimmer), as well as Special Effect top coat Monet. Monet is essentially a glitter topper filled with semi-transparent pastel confetti, giving a layer of pizazz to soft colors.

On top of this, Zoya is introducing Magical Pixie, a new formulation of their classic Pixiedust polishes that incorporates crystal-like sparkle. The unprecedented trio comes in three shades: Cosmo (bubbling white), Vega (glitzy blue), and Lux (ritzy pink), which are all packed with silvery holographic glitter that make manicures catch the light -- no rhinestones required.

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