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But why all the songstress attention? Long known for their progressive view of fashion (witness the Grammy's red carpet compared to the Oscar's), female singers embrace daredevil trends. But celebrity nail tech Lisa Logan, who "Minxes" BeyoncĂ© and Solange Knowles, points to an even stronger reason: "Minx is fabulous for music entertainers in particular because it really pops in every scenario"—whether that be on stage, on the red carpet, or even knee-deep in water, as BeyoncĂ© was for one video, where her nails "shimmered like coins."
Perhaps this is why starring in videos is nothing new for Minx; the flexible film nail transfers have been enjoying music video screen time for several months. Rickette regularly serves up Minx to pop newbie Lady Gaga, who has worn the company's designs, such as Fishnet, in three of her music videos. "Lady Gaga likes Minx because she can custom-design the look and, with her avant-garde creative vision, the possibilities are endless," says Rickette. She also sites the transfers' readability on-screen and on-page, as well as the fact that Minx require no drying time between looks—which has Rihanna calling the transfers "dope"—as major pros on-set.