NAILPRO Cup Winner Takes Germany by Storm

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Lynn Lammers continues to take first in nail competitions around the globe.

When Lynn Lammers first began competing, her goal was to win a world championship. Now, only five months after winning the 2008 NAILPRO Cup, she has done it.
The International Nail Championships are held at the Beauty International Düsseldorf trade show in Germany, and is by invitation only. “You must be the champion of the country that you live in to be invited,” explains Lammers. During the show, which was held on March 20 to 22, there were four different competitions: two national titles, one for liquid and powder and one for gel; and two International titles, also one for liquid and powder and one for gel. This is common in most other countries—that there are both national and international champions. “But here in America, the closest thing that we have to a national title is the NAILPRO Cup,” she says.

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Lammers chose to compete in the International Liquid and Powder category. Clearly all of her hard work paid off: She won by 28 points over the second place winner. The International Nail Championships require that the winner step down from competing for one year but is invited back the next year to judge. “I have, of course, already accepted,” Lammers laughs.
Overall, it was a fantastic experience for Lammers. “The food was amazing as was the competition. I met new people, made new friends and gained global recognition for my abilities,” she says. And when asked if she would advise a fledgling nail tech to put in all the time and effort to compete, she replied: “I would definitely recommend this long, hard road to anyone who wants to be a world champion.” And there you have it.

Congratulations, Lynn, from the entire NAILPRO staff!