Cosmo 3-D Nail Art Molds

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Do you have the time to practice those 3-D flowers that the pros can do? They’re beautiful but extremely tedious and time consuming, and even after a lot of practice, flowers can look like blobs. Flower blobs no more, because I found a great tool! Nail 3-D Art Molds from Cosmo Nail Products are as easy as 1-2-3. The rubber molds help you create all types of 3-D nail designs, such as flowers, numbers, fruit and hearts. They even come in beginner, intermediate and advanced molds—and the advanced molds allow you to actually build roses, orchids and other types of flowers.
Fill the molds with acrylic, and clean off the edges. Allow it to dry for one minute, then bend the mold to loosen the design and remove it with tweezers. You can then attach the designs to the nail with a ball of clear wet acrylic. 773.957.7005,