A Day in the Life of Kimmie Kyees: 2010 MTV Movie Awards (page 2)

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1:00 p.m. We leave the salon and head to the Gibson. We arrive on time and I'm so grateful that my niece is here because parking is far away and we have to haul all my equipment into the theater. I wasn't sure what Katy wants for her nails, so I brought it all: gel, Minx, rhinestones, a pedicure bowl, lots of polish choices—I have a ton of stuff! Once we are inside the building, I introduce my niece to Katy's “Glam Squad” and her assistant, Tamra. We wait in Johnny's (the stylist) room. When he shows up, big hugs and kisses go around—he's one of my favorite people! He shows me all the outfits that Katy plans to wear so that we can start thinking creatively about the colors we want on her nails. Once we are in the dressing room, she decides that she wants two sets of nails: bright yellow and bright pink! I start comparing some of my polishes to her performance outfit and a pair of yellow jeans. She's resting her voice, so our conversation involves a lot of nodding and pointing; she likes my choices as evidenced by her enthusiastic head nods.

Once our choices are made, my niece fills up the pedicure bowl with warm water and I carry it back for her because it's heavy. While we're walking back, my niece says that Katy's really nice, even though she can't talk! And it's true, Katy is one of the nicest people I have been blessed to work with. She's so fun to be around even when she's not speaking much.

Lately, Katy has been wearing longer nail tips in an almond shape, so while she's busy in make-up, I sit in the back with my folding table and decorate her tips for the red carpet. I use ibd natural nail tips and apply China Glaze's White Out polish as a base coat for both the pink nails and the yellow nails that end up being a polka-dot bikini theme. All bright or neon colors look so much better on top of a white base coat.

Once I finish the yellow nails, I wait for them to dry. Just before she puts on her dress, we apply the first set of nails to her fingers. They are a bit too long, so we have to cut and re-shape them while she wiggles into her red carpet dress! I love that Katy chooses a pair of amazing gray shoes and everyone is excited because the shoes have a bright yellow accent on the back that matches her nails! Katy's “Glam Squad” keeps saying how much they love the shoes because they match the nails!

Later in the day… The day is going so fast and I'm losing track of time! The show is about to start, so I walk my niece to her seat. I have to go back and finish Katy's second set of nails for her performance. While I apply her neon pink nails varnished with Essie polish, Katy works with her vocal coach. These sessions are always fun to be in the room for. Toward the end, Johnny and I start warming up our own voices to cheer Katy on while she's on stage. Finally, she's dressed and we are given a five-minute warning. Her ensemble is unbelievable; Johnny turns on her outfit and all the crystals are really multi-colored lights, and I'm in awe! I quickly tell Katy, “Good luck!” and run to join my niece in the audience. The show is so fun and my niece and I laugh the whole way through it.

7:30 p.m. As usual, trying to get all my stuff back to the car is tough. Finally, we ask a production assistant for the show to take my luggage up the hill and then load everything in the car.

9:30 p.m. My niece and I are enjoying some time at an after party for the show when my phone rings and it's Kelis on the line. We're off to work again—what a day!

June 7, 2010: 1:00 a.m. We're finally home! It's been an amazing day, but we can't wait to get to sleep!