Education at Sea (page 3)

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The cruise not only had tons of education but there was even a competition onboard! It was pretty historic too—not only was it a competition at sea but it was also the first ever stiletto competition (at least that I know of!). All of the competitors had one hour to do one artistic stiletto nail. We were free to use any medium and any amount of color, "bling" or designs. Speaking from rather limited experience, I can honestly say it was the most comfortable competition I have ever engaged in. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, while I didn't place, I was happy to be considered in the company of such wonderful talent. Before dinner on the last night, there was an award ceremony for the winners. Congrats to all!

Even with all of the nails, products and education swirling around me, my most memorable moment was when I found myself holding a baby crocodile! We went to a crocodile sanctuary in Ixtapa; a man brought out a baby crocodile and plunked him into my arms! I was startled to say the least, and will never forget that moment in my life!

At the end of the trip, we all walked away with a bag of goodies: some from Dr. G, including his antimicrobial hand lotion that can be used in place of hand sanitizers; a basic kit containing foot soak, massage cream and callus softener from Footlogix; the most recent edition of Naglar magazine, which included information on competitions in Europe and contained several pictures of nail art; as well as nail files and nail art products from other sponsors, such as NSI, Star Nail and Vicki Peters. In short, we needed to make some room in our suitcases!

Not only did I leave away with products, but I also learned a ton, gained competition experience and, most importantly, made some new nail technician friends that I will cherish along with priceless vacation memories.

Written by Bethanne O'Neil