A Day in the Life of Kimmie Kyees: My Diary (page 3)

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The Hills star Kristin Cavallari wears Golden Lightning Minx.

3:30 p.m.

Avril Lavigne’s House

I leave the Britney Spears set and drive to singer Avril Lavigne’s house. Avril and her manager come out to the porch when I pull up, and I'm excited to show them the customized Minx nails that I had the company make for her. Avril requested a variety of skull and crossbones designs. The skull and crossbones are Avril’s trademark. Today Avril is getting her nails done to prepare for the holiday campaign shoot she’s doing the next day for her Abbey Dawn clothing line.
Minx has a few skull designs available online, but I like to give my celebrity clients something customized that no one else has. I have a variety of new Minx designs to show Avril, including skull and crossbones in black and white as well as black and silver; multiple skulls in a close-knit design; a scary skull with no bottom jaw; and silver black widow spiders on a black background. Avril says the designs are “cool” and selects the black skull and crossbones on silver. The funny part is that when I walked through her front door, her welcome mat has the exact same design, so I knew it would be a hit! I set up at her bar area next to the kitchen and Minx her nails, putting a gel overlay on top to extend the wear time. Even before I finish, Avril is setting aside the designs she wants for our next appointment, so I definitely have a satisfied client!

5:30 p.m.

On the Road

I finish at Avril’s earlier than I had hoped because she doesn’t need her toes done, so I hop in the car with plenty of time to drive to Huntington Beach.