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threeASFOUR (Photo courtesy of CND)
Nail technicians created a custom look for each designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010 in New York by getting creative with polish and texture.

Held in the iconic white tents at Bryant Park in February, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010 in New York featured a bevy of unbelievable fall styles, as well as an array of nail trends that made our hearts go pitter-patter. Some of the major nail styles that populated the runways this season included dark enamel in shades of green and blue for a touch of drama; grays and browns lent an edgy, modern feel; neutral shades were of course present for a clean, natural look; and the en vogue nail shape? Short and oval. Another major trend on the runways was textured nails, which allowed nail techs to get extremely creative with their nail designs. Nail teams used a multitude of techniques including polish layering and matte lacquers, as well as elements like crushed crystals and glass on nails.
Here's a look at some of the beautiful runway nails created by the highly-skilled nail teams (including China Glaze, CND, Dashing Diva, Deborah Lippman, Minx, OPI and Zoya) that awed the fashion-forward crowds. Plus, get the scoop on nail trends and backstage antics from some of the nail techs that worked the shows!

China Glaze

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Tony Cohen (Photo by Julie Kandalec)

"I attended the color test with the designer, their creative teams and the key hair and makeup artists a few days before the show. We decided together what hair, makeup and nail looks would complement the collections best. It amazed me how calm and collected the designers stayed throughout the week and the day of the show."
— Julie Kandalec, head nail tech for China Glaze
Photo: Tony Cohen, photographed by Julie Kandalec


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"I love collaborating with the designers in preparation for fashion week. The process begins with the designer explaining his/her vision and describing the muse. Our job is to find the accent that pushes the vision all the way. So it's important to listen to their words and see their pictures, and then interpret their needs with creativity."
— Jan Arnold, CND cofounder and resident style expert
Photo: threeASFOUR, courtesy of CND

Dashing Diva

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Cushnie et Ochs (Photo by Eric Yu)

"My favorite nail style was for designer Cushnie et Ochs, where we used Dashing Diva Metallic Nails and then added crushed vintage glass on top. The designer
wanted a gritty, animalistic look."
— Pattie Yankee, head nail tech for Dashing Diva
Photo: Cushnie et Ochs, photographed by Eric Yu

Deborah Lippman

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Badgley Mischka (Photo courtesy of Deborah Lippman)

"The makeup for Badgley Mischka was based on the movie Avatar, so we did a very futuristic nail using Marquee Moon, which is a pewter frost with big, chunky silver sequins. The frost is very modern and not streaky—it's almost textured. And the sequins show up randomly; you could have 1, 2 or 10 show up on a nail. When the designers saw this, they said it was perfect."
— Deborah Lippmann, creator and CEO of Deborah Lippman polishes
Photo: Badgley Mischka, courtesy of Deborah Lippman


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Dennis Basso (Photo by Lisa Logan)

"I had a great team, and that is absolutely necessary. I had 22 models Minxed backstage, and then we realized there should have been 23. We were all like, 'Where's Emma?' She was missing! We were all running around [looking for her] until finally she came in at the last minute from another show. We grabbed her and Minxed her up!"
— Lisa Logan, head nail tech for Minx at Dennis Basso
Photo: Dennis Basso, photographed by Lisa Logan


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Rebecca Taylor (Photo by Don Ashby)

"This season, nails were all about texture! Matte, glittery and luminescent finishes ruled the runway for 2010."
— Amber Stores, head nail tech for OPI at Jason Wu for TSE
Photo: Rebecca Taylor, photographed by Don Ashby


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Toni Maticevski (Photo by Anna Theissen)

"I noticed that more and more designers are willing to be more creative when it comes to the nails, and they're paying more attention to nails than in the past. Nails were colored, whimsical and edgy. I hope it continues moving forward."
— Sunshine Outing, manicurist for Zoya at Toni Maticevski and Thuy
Photo: Toni Maticevski, photographed by Anna Theissen