Competing Down Under

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Flat Nail Art (open), 3rd Place: Stephy Pang Hwei Hwei
Australia jumps into the world of competitive nail design with the Global Nail Design Awards.

Australia made a splash in the international nail competition circuit with the inaugural Global Nail Design Awards in July, where nail technicians from around the world got the chance to sharpen their nail skills and compete against the best in the industry.


Techs competed in either the novice or open classes in six events: Acrylic Tip/Overlay and Sculptured Nails; Gel Tip/Overlay and Sculptured Nails; Acrylic Rebalance; Flat Nail Art with African Safari Theme; 3-D Nail Art with Couture Fashion Theme; and 3-D Nail Art with Year 2050 Theme.


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Fantasy Nail Art (open), 1st Place: Emi Okhuma

Samantha Goddard, owner of Sam’s Nails in Canberra, Australia, clinched the Overall Winner Award by scoring highest through the six events of the competition. VIVid Nails Academy, owned by nail tech Viv Simmonds, won the Nail Training School of Excellence Award after the academy’s novice students earned the most points overall.

The winners, by category, are:

  • Acrylic Tip/Overlay and Sculptured Nails: Sarah Ison, master; Kelly Biggons, open; Kellie Tyler, novice.
  • Gel Tip/Overlay and Sculptured Nails: Samantha Goddard, open; Terrie Cunningham, novice.
  • Acrylic Rebalance: Sarah Ison, open; Kellie Tyler, novice.
  • Flat Nail Art with African Safari Theme (Open & Novice): Jean Iam Jin Mum, open; Geenie Cheang Lai Yee, novice.
  • 3-D Nail Art with Year 2050 Theme: Emi Okhuma, first; Desiree Dowling, second; Kirsty Crouch, third.
  • 3-D Nail Art with Couture Fashion Theme: Olga Menshikova, first; Emi Okhuma, second; Koula White, third.
  • Along with the competitors, judges for the event arrived from across the globe: Trang Nguyen from the United States; Catherine Wong from Singapore; and Debra Purtell, Amanda Nahrios, Luan Clenton-Tekstra and Christine Maher from Australia.

    Following up the successful competition will be the Second Annual Global Nail Design Awards scheduled for April 3, 2011, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

    Acrylic Rebalance

    Acrylic Tip Overlay and Sculptured Nails

    Gel Tip Overlay and Sculptured Nails

    3-D Nail Art: 2050 Theme

    Flat Nail Art (Open)

    Flat Nail Art (Novice)

    3-D Nail Art: Fashion Couture Theme