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Halloween Nails!!!

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I've been anticipating this weekend for a long time. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween and I finally found the perfect mani for my costume.

Eco Soak-Off UV Gel in Flamingo and NSI Glitter

Halloween Manicure

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Halloween is fast approaching. Do you know what you or your clients' manicure will be?

Nail Lite hearts

Autumn Gel Manicure

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Entity/CinaPro Fall Gel Manicure

Happy Monday Everyone! Here’s another “October Look.”

This autumn style was created with two soak-off gel colors from Entity and nail art from CinaPro.

October Looks

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Fall Nails

October is my favorite month! And Halloween is my favorite holiday so, I've decided to do "Fall Nails" this month.

Reverse French Chevron Manicure

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Reverse French


For the weekend, I decided to go retro / bold / trendy with a hip reverse French.

Dare to Wear in Cherry Cosmo, Precision striper Carbon Copy, CND in Gold Chrome, Art Club striper in Red on Red and CND's Blackjack NAILPRO's reverse French chevron manicure

Night Owl Nails

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Nailpro's Owl Manicure

With today being the first day of autumn, I thought I’d create owls on my nails. These birds of prey are fun to decorate with during the fall months and even cuter on nails!

Wild Thing Jessica Cosmetics; Gold Long Pen from Republic Nail; yellow, black and white stripers from Orly

Nail Art and Tattoos

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Nail Art and Tattoos

Like ‘em or not, tattoos have gone from taboo to trendsetting. The age and number of people making this vogue commitment have significantly increased in the past decade.

Hand and Nail Harmony Gel Brush xo Manicure Nailpro's Tattoo Nails

Design FX Manicure

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Nailpro's Design FX Manicure

As many of you know, Dashing Diva recently launched their ultra cool Design FX at Cosmoprof this year, with celebrities already sporting the cu

Nailpro's pedicure with Diamond Cosmetics and Dashing Diva Nailpro's manicure with Diamond Cosmetics and Dashing Diva

Feather Manicures

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Senior editor Stephanie Mills and I applied pretty plumes to some of our favorite new polishes. The application isn't too difficult, and once you get the hang of it, it's fine feathering from there!

Cocktail Bling from Essie, Divine Swine from OPI The Painted Nail Stalkarazzi and Rainbow Connection from OPI Feather Manicure

Hawaiian Summer Manicure

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Hawaiian Manicure

Playing around with Orly’s Instant Artist Starter Kit and Tuff Scent’s glitter Wisdom produced a Polynesian manicure!

Tuff Scent in Wisdom Instant Artist Kit from Orly

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