Bella Martinelli Nail Art Designer

I am a Self taught Freelance Nail Artist.

Painting gave me the possibility to communicate without words. Through the years and lots of practice I developed the chance to be able to paint a little better than a stick figure. A deformed one.
So I started trying to learn. Completely on my own. I decided to study everything about nails, things that someone might have been taught in the first month of art school took so long to figure out.

When there’s no one to point the way to you, every path seems like it could be the right way, so a lot of self-teaching, I think, is finding out not only what you need to learn, but also the things that you shouldn’t learn, to what degree you should be studying and how elements that you study separately come together to form a whole. Drawing and painting are very holistic. We study aspects of art separately, but they all come together to form one drawing, one piece of art. Art can be like mathematics sometimes, I think, there are a lot of connections that you need to be able to make and to analyse correctly and if there is no one to show you how to apply the correct formulas – you’re in for a lot of heartache.
Having said that – I’ve decided to learn to paint in. I’ve gone from – I’ll never be able to, to it’s a matter of work and who I am and what I think about myself is completely irrelevant. Art is a skill, and like any skill your success depends solely upon your dedication, discipline and ability to use right effort. Not only to be practising, but to be constantly analysing your process, to be learning from day to day, to be able to see you’re on the right path, regardless of how you compare to others, what’s important is that you see your own road, not anyone else’s.

I hope to be able to save all of you a lot of time and a lot of frustration, to point you in the right direction as much as I can and to share my learning and experience with whoever is sharing the same road. Good luck :)

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