Almost Famous (page 2)

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After capping my time at the event with a new pair of Cosabella undies (one size fits all—only in Hollywood), a perfect-fit pair of Mavi jeans and a one-year supply of Glowelle beautiful-skin drink, I headed out to my next event: The MTV Awards Red Carpet Style Lounge at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was tres chic with an actual red carpet leading into the packed room of vendors. I got to meet Dimitri James—as in SKINN by Dimitri James—take pictures and check out the latest products. Some of the other celebrities to stop by Dimitri’s booth included Saved By The Bell alum Mario Lopez and Marisa Ramirez from FOX’s new drama Mental. After hitting a few other booths to check out some products, it was the end of the day.

There are always reports of celebrities complaining about paparazzi, lack of privacy and damaged reputations. But I say, totally worth it! For the free stuff alone, the perks of being a Hollywood bigwig seemed to weigh out the cons of not being able to leave the house without makeup or flashbulbs in your face. My time as a semi-famous person went by too fast!

Courtney Roach, senior editor