NAILPRO-file Featuring: J'adore Nail & Spa

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NAILPRO-file Featuring: J'adore Nail & Spa
J'adore Nail & Spa


If there was one piece of advice that you could pass along to another salon owner, what would it be?
Don't play dirty (really, really cheap) with prices just to get clientele. You will kill your own prices and that will effect other salons around you, forcing others have to follow to keep their clients. It will make the nail business go down by lowering the value.  The product costs, rent, utilities, taxes, etc. keep going up while the nail prices keep going down. How can we make any profit? Think before you plan to lower the price down way too much.  THINK about others around you. Think about our Nail Industry before you make any changes. All salon owners should work as a team to keep a reasonable price! Team work, right?



Anything else you'd like to add?
No need to follow other salons as long you know what you are doing. Keep up with the good work, sanitation and unbeatable customer service.









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Facebook: J'adore Nail & Spa
Twitter: @Jadorenailspa
Instagram: jadorenailandspa
Instagram: Nailsbylinda

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J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa