NAILPRO-file Featuring: J'adore Nail & Spa

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NAILPRO-file Featuring: J'adore Nail & Spa
J'adore Nail & Spa

Welcome to our new feature "NAILPRO-file" where we highlight neighborhood nail salons and their owners from around the country and around the globe! !

This week's salon is in Sewell, New Jersey.

Meet owner Linda Lam of J'adore Nail & Spa!





Salon Name: J'adore Nail & Spa

Salon Open Since: September 2008

Salon Address: 444 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ

Salon Phone: 856-256-9322

Salon Website:


Tell us how you decided to open your own salon.
I used to work for other people, but after I had my children, I realized it wasn't easy to take off or call out for family emergencies (like when my kids got sick, a doctor's appointment, or no babysitter). My husband and I decided to open a nail salon near home.  A couple of years later, we moved. It was inconvenient to pick the kids up from school and then come back to work. So, I decided to look for salons for sale near our new home. I found one that I really liked in a shopping center.  I changed the name to J'adore Nail & Spa. We were thinking about keeping both salons, but finally we decided just to kept the second. I was able to have my children with me at the salon. I made a back room for them. It's a lot if responsibility to own a salon, but it's worth it in the end. "You have to give in to get something, right?" It's been a wonderful experience!


What sets you apart from other salons in your area?
Amazing quality of service and work, plus we always stay up-to-date with the new trends and products.  And we're very creative!


What is your most popular service? Describe it in detail.
Gel Manicure is one of our most popular services now.  Most of our clients love the natural look.  When shellac came out, they were amazed at the long lasting polish on their nails. They are so happy that they can simply keep up with the gel manicure without damaging their nails' plate.

J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa J'adore Nail & Spa